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MAADweb - CMS for managing websites

A website without a Content Management System (CMS) is not taking advantage of the full potential of the internet.

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Without a CMS, you won't be able to make changes to your website quickly and easily, resulting in frustration on your behalf and the potential of lost trade.

MAADweb offers an complete set of tools to get your new corporate website's content up and running quickly.

Current Modules conatined within MAADweb;

  • Add new pages yourself.
  • Build on-the-fly menus and sub menus
  • Document managment system (upload pdf, docs, images, etc) associated with every page throughout the site.
  • Photo management system associated with every page throughout the site.
  • E-newsletter system - including file notification mailouts.
  • Administration system for total control on all aspects of the site - page contents, banner images, footer text, etc, etc, etc.

We are constantly developing new and exciting modules that extend the functionality of the MAADweb.

Should you require functionality not currently available, our developers can create this for you to work seamlessly with your MAADweb site.


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