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MAAD Solutions is a dynamic software development company providing cool information management solutions and products.

Timeline At A Glance ...
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Our company launched in 1998 was formed by Jeff Spirek, who has a background in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and a passion for all things to do with cartographic mapping.

Why MAAD you may ask? It’s an acronym for what we believe is at the core of everything to do with information management – being the ability to Maintain, Audit, Access and Display … hence the term MAAD.

The original focus was to provide resource based companies with a structured data management solution through the idea of getting people to be able to easily find data that they need for their task at hand themselves, eliminating the need to ask various data custodians exactly ‘where is it'. We created MAADgis as a result, which was a spatial search engine that lived within the MapInfo Professional software environment.

This led us to work in some wild and wonderful locations throughout the world, where some organisations are still operating MAADgis today.

As time passed and the business grew, more clients were approaching us to develop and manage their web sites as well in cases to look after the day to day running of their IT infrastructure and provide future direction strategies.

That's when things got interesting for us, and we were fortunate enough to develop everything from content management system driven sites, to internal intranet solutions to sites involving real-time GPS vehicle tracking. A large proportion these developments involved a spatial or geographical component, which was right up our alley especially when we could build the IT infrastructure around them which would ensure a super smooth deployment.

In early 2010 we decided to cut back on client work for a few months and started building MAAD2GO on the side, something to replace MAADgis whose codebase was becoming very restrictive to continue development into the future. At the time, there were only a handful of applications on the market that only vaguely provided some sort of spatial search capabilities, but none really stacked up. Either they weren’t as complete as they should be, or they were being developed to rely too heavily on operating within a costly web platform environment with limited end user functionality.

So essentially we built MAAD2GO for ourselves, knowing there had to be other organisations and data management professionals out there who shared our pain and wanted a reliable, independent, simple to deploy and very easy to use application for all skill levels within an organisation and didn’t have ongoing high cost overheads.

Today, many amazing companies of all shapes and sizes utilise MAAD Solutions to provide a data management solution, either through one of our desktop apps or one of our web solutions.

While we continue to add more features to our programs in order to refine the user’s experiences, our goal hasn't changed since day one — to make it easy for anyone to maintain, audit, access and display their data and information.


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