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MAAD2GO - Geographical Data Manager

Beautifully designed, intuitive and very easy to use software to Geographically Organise: Maintain . Audit . Access & Display your spatial & textual information and\or data.

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MAAD2GO provides all the functionality for organisations large or small, to easily build, manage and share their geographical locatable libraries of spatial Geographical Information System ( GIS) formatted data;

  • MapInfo TAB or WOR,
  • ESRI Shapefile (SHP),
  • AutoCad DWG & DXF,
  • Microstaion DGN,
  • Geolocated Grid and Image files - ECW, MrSid,
  • plus more ...
and\or non spatial formatted data;
  • Photos and images - JPG, TIF, etc,
  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc,
  • Adobe PDF documents,
  • plus more ...

as well as handling any of the associated metadata.

By implementing MAAD2GO, organisations can significantly improve their productivity and bottom line by reducing the time spent searching for and gathering information. Staff members save significant amounts of time by not having to recreate or purchase content that already exists but could not be located.

MAAD2GO is a fully .NET compiled application, designed to run autonomously within the Windows operating system environment, has primarily been developed as a document management solution for spatially enabled files to operate within the local PC or a shared company network environment, the cloud or even from remote office locations.

MAAD2GO contains a rich array of functionality, including;

  • The primary functionality to geographically associate, search, retrieve and view files, including textual search & find file content information.
  • Monitor file and metadata changes within the existing file storage structures, including when a file is physically moved, renamed, deleted or has it's content altered.
  • Display results in their native applications, or show spatial files within in-built GIS Viewer.
  • Easy to use and administer, plus packed with additional apps to enhance business processes.

Easy to use map tools. Show extents of search on map.

Store and Access multiple Libraries of Files and Data links.

Keyword filtering to further narrow your search criteria.

Discover data based on easy to recognise classifications.

Results returned with easy to read descriptions of your data.

Preview popup makes it easy to recognise layers of data.

Powerful search result listing tools and options.

Convieniently located buttons for further operations.


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