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GIS, Mapping & Database Consulting

We help many businesses to fully understand and integrate their spatial data and information within their organisations.

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Everything is tied back to a location on the earth. The implementation and  correct utilisation  of a GIS and it's associated spatial data can have enormous benefits across many organisations.

GIS is not just about buying and installing one of the common off the shelf GIS software products, but a whole lot more. Whilst we like to think we are experts at using MapInfo professional software, sometimes we know that it isn't the right tool for the job, or that it suits every organisation or their requirements. That is why we are not product specific, and work smart calling on years of experience to design and deliver solutions that represent excellent return on investment.

Therefore, MAAD Solutions supplies the following related GIS, ampping and database services;

  • GIS strategic plans and roadmaps
  • Current System Reviews and recommendations
  • GIS Application Development to suit client requirements
  • Cross platform GIS integration
  • Data auditing and data (database) design & management

We are also proud of our own GIS developed product called MAAD2GO. MAAD2GO is a beautifully designed, intuitive and very easy to use software to designed to Geographically Organise: Maintain . Audit . Access & Display your spatial & textual information and\or data.

Besides being able to search and find just about any GIS file format (MapInfo TAB, ESRI SHP, Autocad DXF & DWG, Microsotion DGN, ECW plus a ton of gridded image files), the inbuilt GIS Viewer allows you to easily display them. Now that's pretty cool having a program that not only makes it easy to find data, but display it as well.


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